STEAM Activity for Noah’s Ark

Every Friday a different student in my class is assigned to teach the week’s Parasha (Torah portion) to the 4th & 5th grade students.  The student prepares a Hebrew summary of the portion and a D’var Torah in English.  The D’var Torah is a mini lesson that the student chooses to highlight from the Torah […]

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Torah in 3D printing

What does the Torah portion have to do with 3D printing? In the 3rd grade Parashat HaShavua (weekly Torah portion) curriculum,  each Parasha (Torah portion) features a symbol presented as a riddle; through the study of the Parasha the students discover the link between this symbol (which is the central message of the portion) and the […]

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A visit to Gan Gani Hebrew immersion preschool in Chicago

Gan Gani is a Hebrew immersion preschool program in which children engage in constructiveness curriculum promoting development of gross and fine motor skills through manipulative play. Their experiential, hands-on programming allows the students to be partners in their own learning process. Through pretend play, singing songs, integrating with one another, and creating art projects, as well as through […]

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